1. First time clients:  $99 for 3 sessions (1 hour each) to evaluate and make dietary changes.  

  • Includes a kitchen makeover

  • In-person (Santa Fe area) OR Skype sessions available

My nutritional plans are totally customized for each individual. Never will 2 plans be the same. I take into account if you work from home or at an office, if you travel for business, if you’re a stay at home mom, are married or single, if live in a city or rural area, etc.

First I’ll have you keep track 3-5 days of everything you eat or drink, not amounts, just items consumed. Also how many days a week you eat home vs eat out. How often you eat. I will point out the “limiting factors” that are inhibiting you from reaching your goals. As we go through the list I’ll substitute the foods that are unhealthy for the healthy version of those foods. I call this method the Substitution Solution. This way you won’t feel deprived of your favorite foods.

Second, I’ll find out what your personnel goals are. To loose weight or just get healthy, improve blood tests, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, manage a dietary related illness. I want to know what well-being means to you.

Finally, I’ll take all of this information I’ve learned about you and create a customized, easy to follow plan with meal options. I will teach you about food timing, how to eat healthy when you’re dining out or traveling. Never will you have to count calories as this is too energy and time consuming. I want you to go out and live your life, not be burdened with a labor intensive diet.

My plans are not diets. They are not fads. It’s a lifestyle. By improving your health, you will be able to do more of the things you love to do and enjoy an improved sense of well-being.


2. Tune Ups:  Info coming soon

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