How to choose the right protein powder

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How to choose the right protein powder

How to choose the right protein powder:

Before committing to a large container, try various flavors and brands via individual protein packets that are usually on the shelves next to the larger sizes, add unsweetened rice, almond, or coconut milk, in a blender, and then do your own “in-home taste test”.  See which one you like the best, then commit your money to the larger container of that brand and flavor.

Read the label to make sure it’s low or no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors.  All natural flavor, raw sugar, and stevia are fine.

Make sure the protein is rBGH and rBST growth hormone free, and antibiotic free.  If it doesn’t say it somewhere on the label, it’s not free from these dangerous drugs.   The best quality protein is from grass-fed cows, if you can find it.

Finally, the label should read “supplement facts” not “nutritional facts”.  A supplement facts label has to follow FDA CFR 111 rules, including ingredient testing, and other standards for quality control and manufacturing regulations for dietary supplements.  A nutritional facts label has less quality control and regulations to adhere to.


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