Healthy Travel Tips:

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Healthy Travel Tips:

Healthy Travel Tips:

Locate a hotel near a health food super market, co-op, or healthy restaurants.  TJ’s/Sprouts/WF’s/Chipotle Grill/Starbucks, etc.

Healthy menu choices if you are near one of the above:

Chipotle-bean and rice bowl-brown rice with grilled chicken, pico de gallo, corn, salsa, lettuce, guacamole (no cheese).  Or grilled chicken over a salad with guacamole.

Starbucks-egg white sandwich with turkey bacon on whole wheat enlish muffin or spinach, feta, egg white on whole wheat wrap.

Whole Foods-eat at salad bar or hot bar for lunch/dinner.

When dinning out safest thing to order is grilled chicken or fish over salad with a side of steamed vegetables.  Tell server no cheese.  Use Balsamic and Olive Oil on salad.

If traveling by car, road warrior list:

  • Refillable 1 liter stainless steel or SIG water bottle and a reusable carbonate jug with handle and spigot that you keep in your car and use to refill your bottle.
  • Camping bowl and a spoon/fork/knife combo (for cereal in the morning or smearing nut butter on bread, etc)
  • Stainless steel hot mug-to make your tea while on the road or in hotel room (this is a real luxury when you’re traveling).
  • Apples and bananas.  (easy to eat with one hand or put in cereal/oatmeal).
  • Vitamin powder packets.
  • Loaf of whole grain bread.
  • Hemp, coconut, or rice milk (unsweetened).
  • Muesli cereal.
  • Individual instant oatmeal packets-QIA by Natures Path is my favorite (see photo below).
  • Pre-made protein drinks and bars.
  • Container of Protein Powder and plastic shaker cup, if you have room, to make your own protein shakes with coconut, almond, or rice milk.
  • Variety of Nut Butter Packets to smear on bread or rice cakes or right into your mouth, Artisana Brand is my favorite (see photo below).
  • Trail mix-easy and non-perishable.
  • Carrots, celery, tomatoes (pre-cut).
  • Hard boiled eggs with sea salt.
  • Starbucks or other instant coffee packets.
  • Tea bag for daytime and night.  I bring some with caffeine, some without.
  • Cooler (if you have room).

Instead of drinking tap water or using plastic water bottles at your hotel, inquire if hotel has filtered water.  They won’t tell you this but most often they have a water bottle machine in the gym, you can go there to refill your bottle.  This is my little secret.  However, more hotels are now offering water filtration machines on a designated floor of the hotel but you must ask, it’s not something they advertise.

Hotel room check-list:  Jug of water, individual yogurt containers, muesli cereal, instant oatmeal packets, pre-made protein drinks, protein bars, coconut, almond, or rice milk (to use for Muesli and/or tea/coffee), bread, fruit.

In the morning while everyone else is downstairs filling up on an unhealthy, artery clogging, breakfast you will be in the comfort of your room boiling water in the coffer maker for your coffee/tea and to use for your instant packets of oatmeal, or just add milk to muesli in your camping bowl, add bananas to oatmeal or muesli, with a side of yogurt.  Instant healthy breakfast in under 5 minutes.




Walking Lunges down the hallway of Hotel.  Pushups in room for arms and chest.  Take desk chair and do dips for triceps.  Take water jug and do arm curls for biceps or pull ups on a tree branch or pull up bar/jungle gym at local park.  Find local gym and pay for day pass.  Use hotel gym.  Do sprints and/or find a jungle gym in a nearby park.  Ask front desk for closest park.  If you have space bring TRX cables to do a full body workout by attaching to a tree trunk.  If you have room in your car, bring a kettle bell, there are many exercises you can do with just one.

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