Energy In (food) vs Energy Out (exercise)

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Energy In (food) vs Energy Out (exercise)

One of the first things I learned when studying for my Precision Nutrition™ Coaching Certification is that the relationship between food and exercise is called Energy Balance.  It is the delicate balance between Energy In (food/drink) and Energy Out (exercise).

If your Energy In (food) is greater than your Energy Out (exercise) you will gain weight.

If your Energy Out (exercise) is greater than your Energy In (food), you will loose weight.

If Energy In is equal to Energy Out, your weight will stay the same.

It’s that simple.

Keep this equation in mind daily when making food and exercise choices.  It’s something to be aware of at all times.

If you find yourself over eating at a party or the holidays.  Or if you find yourself eating some unhealthy foods.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Just cut a deal with yourself to fix the energy imbalance you just created.

To fix the imbalance set a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, or time on a bike or treadmill that you must do over the course of that day, in exchange for that cheat.

For example.  If I eat too much cheese and red wine over a holiday.  I cut a deal with myself that I must do a certain number of squats over the course of that day.  Could be 4 sets of 20 reps spread throughout the day, or some hill sprints, walking lunges up my street, an extra 30 minutes at the gym, a hike, etc.  Whatever you decide is better than doing nothing.

This is what I do and it keeps me constantly aware of what I put into my body and the energy I exert out over the course of a day.

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